Entrepreneurship is the most sustainable skill set one can provide to an individual as well as to an entire generation.

Matt Kuppers designs and delivers acceleration trainings to a range of organisations such as universities, accelerators, business schools, and development agencies that work with startups and SMEs. The trainings are geared towards students, startups, and SMEs, are very hands-on and interactive. During a typical session, the attendees get to work in small teams on project-related tasks building up a tool kit and skills gradually that aid their business. The acceleration sessions culminate in group presentations in front of class and discussions. Each participant walks away from the session with a new tool to be deployed within their startup.

Client Portfolio


“Matt was doing an excellent job in coaching our startups and preparing them well for their pitches. Furthermore he is a valuable speaker by delivering real content and know-how.”

Dr Christine Thaler

Senior Sector Manager


Austrian Embassy - Commercial Section